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SR 158

Storm 23 Update

Sunday, 26 February 2023

Forecasted Storm Synopsis:

*All operational decisions can change by the hour, pending on Mother Nature. The following forecasts of weather, terrain opening and closures, road impacts will be updated as the storm evolves.*

We have received a few inches of new snow since 6am, Sunday, February 27th. We are expecting to receive upwards of 30" by Wednesday evening. Winds will remain moderate to strong throughout the weather event and will most likely taper off by Wednesday morning. We should see continued scattered snowfall through the end of the weekend and the first week of March. Temperatures will remain in the high teens, low 20's during the bulk of the storm and will drop to low teens by Wednesday afternoon. 

Snow, Weather, and Road Report

HWY 158:

Starting tonight, Sunday, February 26th, the traction law is in effect. Passenger vehicles are required to have 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with snow tiresand/or chains. Download theUDOT appfor up-to-date info about HWY 158 and surrounding state roads and highways. 

Monday (02/27/23): 

  • HWY 158 travel will become increasingly worst as the day continues, with snow rates expected to be around 1 inch an hour. No road closures are expected during operating hours. If snow rates and winds remain high, a closure could happen at any time during the day. 

Tuesday (02/28/23): 

  • No road closure is currently planned. However, a closure could happen of snow rates and wind speeds increase. The operation team will work diligently to make sure the road can stay open. Stay tuned to our website, social media, and the Ops Blog for updates. 

Wednesday (03/01/23): 

  • Pending on forecasted snow and overall mitigation efforts and results, the road will most likely not close at any time. 

Lifts and Terrain:

The operation teams will be working hard to keep primary terrain open throughout the storm. Secondary terrain, like Powder Country, Woody's World, Paradise, Cobabe Canyon, and Lightning Ridge, might close and open throughout the storm. Tertiary terrain like James Peak will remain closed throughout the storm. 

Current Lift and Terrain Status

Monday (02/27/23): 

  • Delayed openings to all secondary terrain should be expected. Storm intensity could dictate unplanned lift or terrain closures. High winds and direction could also affect lifts. However, current forecasted winds are remaining under the threshold. 

Tuesday (02/28/23): 

  • The operational team will be working hard to open all primary terrain by 9am. Some delay can be expected. Pending mitigation efforts and overall snowfall, secondary terrain could have a delayed opening or could remain closed. 

Wednesday (03/01/23): 

  • All terrain, besides tertiary terrain, will most likely open by 9am. 

UTA and Parking:

Due to high snowfall rates, parking lots will fill in. All guests should have higher clearance vehicles. Guests are highly encouraged to ride the UTA Ski Bus 674.

Transportation Information

Extended Forecast:

We should see a continued active snow pattern for the next week or so. Check out Open Snow  for the extended forecast.

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