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Neighbor Program

Powder Mountain is North America’s largest ski resort that offers a breathtaking views and features 8,464 acres of skiable terrain. Powder Mountain preserves a genuine ski experience and open landscape by enforcing the daily 1,500 ticket cap during the winter seasons. Along with this unique ski experience, the summer season offers a whole new adventure with an extensive Multi-Use trail system for hiking and biking. Powder Mountain transitions into a Bike Park in the summer and offers lift accessed downhill mountain biking from Hidden Lake lift in addition to our current multi-use trail system. Neighbors will enjoy an exclusive experience for both winter and summer seasons when joining the Neighbor Program.

We look forward to launching the Powder Mountain Neighbor Program this year and continuing to build our community.  We thank you for your continued support and encouragement. 



Skylodge is now available exclusively to Neighbors in good standing and their accompanied guests. With expansive views, inspiring spaces, snacks and refreshments available for Neighbors, it is the perfect place to connect or reflect on the beauty that surrounds us. As part of your Neighbor benefits, the Skylodge will be offering the following dining services for winter and summer seasons: 

Winter Schedule: 

The Skylodge winter schedule is 7-days a week with breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings: 

    • Continental Breakfast // 8:00am-10:00am 
    • Lunch // 12:00pm-2:00pm  
    • Neighbor Dinners first-come-first serve Sun-Thurs // 5:00pm-7:00pm  
    • Neighbor Dinners Friday & Saturday reservations // 5:00pm-7:00pm

> PLEASE RESERVE HERE < before 12pm day-of dinner.  

Summer Schedule: 

The Skylodge summer schedule is 3-days a week Friday, Saturday & Sunday with breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings: 

    • Breakfast // 9:00am-11:00am 
    • Lunch // 11:30pm-2:00pm 
    • Neighbor Dinners Friday, Saturday & Sunda reservations // 5:00pm-7:00pm

> PLEASE RESERVE HERE < before 12pm day-of dinner.

The Club at Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek Recreation Center (NEW)
Full family membership for the Club at Wolf Creek is included in your Neighbor benefits. Membership includes full access to the gym facilities, daily group classes and free childcare while using the facility. Childcare available daily 9am-11am.  
Does not include the Wolf Den area or Wolf Fit Classes. Does not include swimming pool access. 


While events may return in the future, we are shifting the focus of our Neighbor Program toward smaller, more intimate gatherings, focused on activities and the sharing of ideas. For this reason, the event attendance credits are being phased out in favor of offering a more robust activity schedule. 


Beginning this winter and continuing throughout the year, we will be offering a full slate of activities to engage your mind, body, and spirit. Activities may include yoga with meditation and breath work, guided outdoor adventures such as snowshoeing, hikes, cross country skiing, strength and fitness sessions. These activities may be on-site or off-site and include options like rock climbing, snowmobiling, sky diving, fly fishing, and a slew of on-water activities in the warmer months.

Powder Mountain Resort

Neighbors will receive both Winter Ski Season Passes & Summer Bike Park Season Passes as part of their Neighbor Benefits: 

Winter Season: 

    • Neighbors will receive their Neighbor Season Pass and one additional season pass for either their spouse or a “plus one” of their choosing. 
    • Neighbors have the option to purchase up to four additional season passes at $500 each.
    • Neighbor Season Passes also include access to our single ride cats at Lightning Ridge and Raintree.
    • Neighbors receive 20 complimentary lift tickets to share with friends and family as part of their Neighbor Program benefits. 
    • Neighbors who have completed their on-mountain homes have the option to convert 20 complimentary lift tickets to one transferableseason pass for use by their in-home guests. The transferable passes also come with access to the Lightning Ridge and Raintree cats.    
 Summer Season:  
    • Neighbors will receive their Neighbor Season Pass and one additional season pass for either their spouse or a “plus one” of their choosing. 
    • Neighbors have the option to purchase up to four additional intermediate family member season passes at $150 for each pass.
    • Neighbors who joined in the previous year Winter Program will have the option to use their remaining complimentary ski lift tickets for Powder Mountain Bike Park day lift tickets. 
    • Neighbors who have completed their on-mountain homes have the option to convert 20 complimentary lift tickets to one transferrable season pass for use by their in-home guests. Neighbors who had transferable season passes during the previous winter season will be able to convert those transferable season passes to a Powder Mountain Bike Park transferable season pass.
Neighbors can obtain season passes for themselves and family members, redeem complimentary ski tickets, and access season benefits when they pay the annual Neighbor dues via their Powder Mountain E-Store accounts. Once the annual Neighbor dues are paid, Neighbors will receive an RFID card as their season pass.

Family members and guests will also receive RFID cards as reloadable lift passes and/or season passes. Reach out to the Neighbors Manager (members@powdermountain.com) for instructions on how to obtain an RFID card for your family members and guests.


Neighbors are eligible for a 15% discount on lodging booked through Powder Mountain Getaways. Neighbor accommodations are subject to availability and advance reservation are strongly encouraged.

Neighbor Web Portal

The new neighbor portal will be launched by December 15th and provide a central source for activities schedules, venue hours, concierge services and other great information about living and staying at Powder Mountain.  

Neighbors will have the ability to check-in and let other community members know they are in town to help everyone connect and enjoy the company of new and old friends alike.  

Additional Perks

20% discount on purchases in the Sports Shop, Rentals, Snowsports School and at on mountain eateries. Neighbors must present their pass at the time of purchase to validate the discount. 

Neighbor Program Dues and Additional Information

Neighbor Program Dues



Retail Value:

Family Season Pass - $3,595

Unlimited Single Ride Cat Access - $1,000

20 Lift Tickets - $2,200  ($2,500 if transferrable season pass option is selected) 

Wolf Creek Gym Membership - $1,068 

Skylodge Access and included food and beverage offerings - $1,000

Included Activities and Content - $750

Total Value - $9,613

Terms of Use

Powder Mountain appreciates the respect and care to which Neighbors, family, andguests adhere to all policies and procedures included in this Summary of Annual Benefits. Neighbors are required to pay thier dues prior to receiving any Neighbor Program Benefits. Access to Neighbor facilities is restricted to Neighbors in good standing and their accompanied guests.  

Code of Conduct

Powder Mountain has developed a personal relationship with each Neighbor. Every one of you is an outstanding human being and we hope that you bring the outstanding human beings in your life to accompany you at Powder Mountain. All Neighbors, guests, and family must adhere to all federal and state laws while at Powder Mountain and its facilities. Any complaints about the conduct or behavior of a Neighbor, family member, Neighbor guest or Summit guest should be sent in writing directly to the Neighbor Team Member. All complaints will remain private and anonymous and individuals subject to a complaint may be issued a warning, suspension or permanent revocation of benefits and access

Disputes between Neighbors for any reason must be handled between the Neighbors themselves. Failure to comply with federal and state laws or the continuance of complaints upon one Neighbor can result in suspension or termination of membership.

Neighbor Exclusive Facilities and Guest Policy

Neighbor exclusive facilities at Powder Mountain may include Neighbors, family, accompanied guests and Powder Mountain team members who work with the membership program

As a homeowner, you have the right to have guests in your home at any time; however, guests may not accessPowder Mountain Neighbor amenities unless accompanied by their registering Neighbor. Access to Powder Mountain Neighbor amenities is determined by the guest policies listed in thePowder Mountain Neighbor Rules and Regulations.

Neighbor Program Benefit Prior to Closing on your Lot/Home

Powder Mountain may allow the initial purchaser of a residence or homesite in the ResidentialCommunity to use Powder Mountain Facilities as a member prior to the closing on his or her residenceor homesite. The person will be required to pay the applicable initiation fee, dues, fees, and other chargesestablished by Powder Mountain from time to time. In the event the purchaser does not timely close on the residence or homesite, Powder Mountain may terminate the membership privileges by returningto the person the initiation fee and the unused portion of any dues, fees, and charges paid by the person inadvance for the remainder of the membership year. In this event, a membership will thereafter be made availableto the person only atthe discretion of Powder Mountain.

Blackout Dates

Powder Mountain is expected to be closed for short periods in late spring and fall to ensure we continue to sustainour beautiful mountain and enhance our Powder Mountain amenities and experiences. For additional information regarding ‘blackout dates’, please email the Neighbor Team Member at: members@powdermountain.com

Payment of Dues and Due Dates

All Neighbor Program Dues must be paid through the Powder Mountain website using the the links contained in this page. Neighbor exclusive paid activities will be available for registration and purchase through the Powder Mountain website and the Neighbor Portal. Activity and event fees must be paid at the time of reservation. Powder Mountain will no longer invoice Neighbors for activity fees or annual dues.

Benefits are not provided and access to facilities is not available until dues are paid.  

Dues must be paid by December 15th.

Members can choose to defer their membership for any given year by paying the annual Inactive Membership dues of $1,975. This will allow the member to maintain their membership for the year without having to repay the initiation fee. Members can opt to pay the annual Inactive Membership dues for as many years as they choose. Members will NOT receive any of the benefits for any year the member is inactive. To become an active member again, please pay the Annual Neighbor Dues.

If a Neighbor fails to pay their annual dues or hold fees by November 15, they will be obligated to pay the full initiation fee to reinstate their membership in the Neighbor Program.

Neighbor Program Benefits Subject to Change

All Neighbor benefits, facilities and services are subject to change without notice from time to time at the sole discretion of Powder Mountain. Failure to comply with the procedures and policies contained in this document as well as the Powder Mountain Neighbor Progam Rules and Regulations may result in denied access to Powder Mountain facilities, activities, events and/or Summit events for the Neighbor, family and/or guest. Continued failure to comply may result in terminated membership.

Neighbor Program Manager Contact