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Is there a local car/driver in Eden? 

How do I get to/from the airport? 

Powder Mountain recommends the following shuttle services

Where can I rent a car? 

If you have booked lodging with Powder Mountain Getaways, a discounted rate is available through Enterprise Rental Cars. Please contact us for a promotion code in order to save. 

At the Salt Lake City International Airport rental car counters are located in the Gateway Center, which is adjacent to the parking garage and accessible from the terminal by using the two bridges in the baggage claim area. 

What are distances between SLC Airport, Ogden, Eden, and Powder Mountain? 

SLC Airport → Ogden 40 miles/40 minutes
SLC Airport → Eden, 56 Miles/1 Hour
Eden → top of Powder Mountain 6 miles/15 minutes

Is there a local shuttle and when are they available? 

There is a UTA bus schedule posted here that provides access to the two ski resorts in the area as well as routes to and from Ogden. 

Who can I call if I need something for the house? 

Please contact Powder Mountain Getaways at 801.648.7332

What can I expect in Powder Mountain Getaways Lodging?  (e.g. shampoo, conditioner, iron, laundry soap, etc.) 

Powder Mountain Getaways Lodging supplies small amenity bottles of shampoos, lotion and soaps in each bathroom for your convenience. We also supply towels, sheets, dish soap, dish detergent, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and a starter pack of paper towels and toilet paper.  

Where is the closest hospital? 

Hospitals with 24/7 emergency care: 

  • McKay-Dee Hospital
    4401 Harrison Blvd, Ogden UT 84403

  • Ogden Regional
    5475 S 500 E, Ogden UT 84405

Urgent Care Facilities: 

  • Ogden Clinic
    1159 12th Street, Ogden UT 84404
  • North Ogden InstaCare
    2400 N Washington Blvd, North Ogden UT 84414

What are some other local community resources good to know of? 

Where can I eat on Powder Mountain?

Timberline Lodge

  • Timberline Cafeteria (8am - 3pm) Breakfast and lunch
  • Lucky Slice Pizza Satellite Location (11am - 3pm) 
  • Powder Keg (11am - 6pm) Live music, flame-broiled burgers and a great selection of beers on tap.  

Hidden Lake Lodge 

  • Hidden Lake Cantina (10:30am - 3:30pm) Mountain mexican cuisine with a view of 4 states from the top of Powder Mountain. 

Sundown Lodge 

  • Sundown Pizzeria (11am - 8:30pm) Family value menu, cozy lodge and good food day or night.  
  • Lucky Slice Pizza Satellite Location (11am - 8:30pm) 

How do I find out about upcoming events in Ogden Valley and beyond? 

Ogden Valley 


Salt lake City 

Where can I find maps of the area? 

High Adventure Recreation Map 

How can I book a ski instructor/guide? 

Visit www.powdermountain.com/en/lessons-rentals/private-lessons

How do I know the conditions of the mountain? 

The Powder Mountain website updates every morning to inform visitors of the recent snow totals, road conditions, operating lifts and terrain status. 

Weather Conditions 

What is the emergency number for ski patrol?  

801.745.3772 ext. #123 

I see there are homes being built on the mountain, how can I get more information? 

Our Director of Real Estate is Brian Williams. You can reach him via phone at 435.602.0217 or by email at bwilliams@powdermountain.com